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US-D792290-S: Vehicle grille patent, US-D794004-S: Mobile phone patent, US-D794165-S: Pipe fitment patent, US-D795186-S: Charging station patent, US-D797074-S: Biointerface headset patent, US-D798563-S: Shoe outsole patent, US-D800300-S: Disposable diaper patent, US-D800392-S: Reflective strip patent, US-D802664-S: Pen patent, US-D803238-S: Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface patent, US-D804451-S: Media player docking station for bathing unit or watercraft patent, US-D805263-S: Pet climbing platform patent, US-D806541-S: Surface ornamentation for wound therapy packaging patent, US-D807001-S: Shoe patent, US-D807146-S: Grip for a wire handle patent, US-D807503-S: Tip cap for fluid delivery device patent, US-D809525-S: Display screen with an animated graphical user interface for a baccarat game patent, US-RE35836-E: Solid state optically coupled electrical power switch patent, US-RE36640-E: Collapsible Christmas tree stand patent, US-4291997-A: Flexible support for superconducting machine rotor patent, US-RE38769-E: Air bag fabric possessing improved packed volume and stable air permeability patent, US-RE39221-E: Composition comprising a tramadol material and acetaminophen and its use patent, US-RE40218-E: Electro-chemical deposition system and method of electroplating on substrates patent, US-RE41459-E: Method of image filtering based on selected pixels and a difference between pixels patent, US-RE41907-E: Method of decoding a current image patent, US-RE42853-E: Method and apparatus for coding an image object of arbitrary shape patent, US-RE43750-E: Method for navigating a catheter probe patent, US-RE45684-E: Apparatus for twist-to-lock retention of a wheel patent, US-RE46012-E: Non-contact probe patent, US-RE46246-E: Storage tote having legs patent, US-862027-A: Miner's lamp. patent, US-862113-A: Sweeping compound. patent, US-862199-A: Fire-alarm. patent, US-862724-A: Disk-grinder. patent, US-862895-A: Trolley for carrying bales of cotton. patent, US-8632-A: George hess patent, US-865471-A: D-handle. patent, US-865914-A: Automatic pedal-exposing device for player-pianos. patent, US-866117-A: Safety appliance for elevators. patent, US-86625-A: Improvement in driers patent, US-86649-A: Improved patent, US-868338-A: Grate. patent, US-868570-A: Speed-recorder. patent, US-868990-A: Inverted gas-burner. patent, US-869245-A: Garment-hanger. patent, US-869478-A: Machine for scouring and scratch-brushing flat metal ware. patent, US-869627-A: Sawmill set-works. patent, US-870107-A: Transmission-gear. patent, US-87016-A: Improved metallic column patent, US-870254-A: Shock-absorber. patent, US-870521-A: Dump-table. patent, US-870729-A: Barrel-follower. patent, US-87140-A: Improved material for filling fire-proof safes patent, US-87187-A: Ductors patent, US-871942-A: Buffing-machine. patent, US-872743-A: Rail-fastener and lock. patent, US-873220-A: Reversible galvanic battery. patent, US-873531-A: Pneumatic-despatch apparatus. patent, US-873533-A: Traveling rocking-horse. patent, US-873876-A: Wheel. patent, US-874575-A: Ball-cock. patent, US-874975-A: Band-cutter and feeder. patent, US-875112-A: Time-limit annunciator. patent, US-876155-A: Surfacing-machine. patent, US-877351-A: Sensitive plate for color photography. patent, US-877541-A: Type-writing machine. patent, US-877763-A: Wrench. patent, US-877857-A: Telegraph-switch. patent, US-878202-A: Rail chair and fastener. patent, US-878721-A: Conveying apparatus. patent, US-878932-A: Vaporizing device for internal-combustion engines. patent, US-87902-A: Improvement in horse hat-forks patent, US-879918-A: Boring-machine. patent, US-880129-A: Vehicle. patent, US-881234-A: Valve. patent, US-881366-A: Machine for forming a cartridge-rope from explosive gelatin. patent, US-88136-A: Alexander connelley patent, US-882598-A: Gun-cleaner. patent, US-883698-A: Art of hardening and toughening steel. patent, US-884391-A: Spinning-holder for tops. patent, US-8845842-B2: Method for manufacturing circuit board using electrically conductive particles and circuit board manufactured by the method patent, US-885217-A: Compost-spreader. patent, US-885371-A: Separable barrel or other receptacle. patent, US-885650-A: Piston-valve. patent, US-88583-A: Improvement in fire-extinguishers patent, US-887108-A: Necktie-holder. patent, US-887341-A: Detachable tire. patent, US-888095-A: Ingot-stripper. patent, US-88897-A: Improvement in shuttle-holder patent, US-889106-A: Receptacle-filling valve. patent, US-889367-A: Pot-cover. patent, US-889685-A: Player-piano. patent, US-889801-A: Steady-floating structure. patent, US-890126-A: Process of manufacturing expanded metal. patent, US-890139-A: Hydraulic conveyer. patent, US-890241-A: Clasp. patent, US-890307-A: Object-receiver. patent, US-890461-A: Temporary bed-rail. patent, US-890829-A: Envelop-machine. patent, US-891872-A: Vehicle. patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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